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Success should be a shared experience "Making the world a better place to work." It's our corporate mission, our literal reason for being. So it just makes sense that making sure Aon Hewitt is a great place to work is a big part of making the world at large a better place to work.

Your Best Work
Every company says it. "We hire the best people". This is what "hiring the best" means at Aon Hewitt: it means our associates are a diverse group with different perspectives and backgrounds, but with one thing in common—the ability and desire to grow, develop, and adapt to change. Your best work blossoms from that common desire and we believe you succeed when you set goals that challenge and stretch your capabilities.

Make a Positive Difference
Our associates' primary focus is meeting the needs of our clients. It sounds simple, but it encompasses and respects years of putting clients first. We pride ourselves on serving clients with excellence at every turn, maximizing their value—and, in doing so, maximizing our own value.

Team Play
We work in teams, sharing knowledge and ideas, and debating our options. Teamwork is important here. It's actually critical to the way we do business—working collaboratively and supporting each other, confident that we can trust and rely on our fellow associates.

Grow and Develop
We've built an environment that's challenging, rewarding, and exciting, which means you have the opportunity to really grow and develop in your job. With your manager's help and encouragement, you steer the development of your career arc and your movement within Aon Hewitt. And we'll make sure you get valuable feedback, coaching, and knowledge from the people you work with—and help you offer the same to others.

Your leaders and managers make sure you have the information, tools, and resources in place to work successfully in a productive environment.

The standards we adhere to are simple, but they reflect all that we've learned as an organization over the past six decades. Treat people with respect and dignity. Achieve excellence. Work together. Conduct ourselves with integrity.

These are the principles that define and guide how we operate, both as a business and with each other, serving as bedrock for our global success as a leader in the people business. They're the roadmap for how we've built one of the world's most-admired companies. And together they ensure that we:

  • Serve our clients exceptionally well
  • Enhance associate engagement
  • Strengthen our business