Our Actuarial Services

Actuarial Services

Financing retirement and benefit plans is a monumental challenge. Spiralling retirement costs, an aging employee population, ever-shrinking budgets—there's no such thing as an easy answer. But hundreds of companies have found that our actuarial services give them the knowledge and tools to take control and conquer even the most demanding challenges. The proof: approval for Aon-recommended changes is nearly 100%.

Funding and accounting strategies designed to work this year—and beyond

We're a top-three actuarial firm in virtually every key country. We are the largest actuarial consulting firm in Greece and the region of Eastern Mediterranean. Our actuaries have the deep experience—backed by state-of-the-art tools - to develop creative solutions and strategies that will work this year - and into the future:

  • Annual funding requirements
  • Expense and balance-sheet results for pension and post retirement medical plans
  • Consolidated global financial information for all pension plans
  • Strategy, support and analysis for mergers and acquisitions, union negotiations, special executive retirement plans, and government compliance

Funding options aligned with your business strategy

Our actuaries make it their business to understand your business. It's that dedication to understanding the unique requirements of every client that's led to pioneering solutions in Choice, Flex, and BI. And it's made us the market leader in Retirement Choice design and competitive data and analysis tools.

Manage costs, minimize risks

The best actuaries are proactive, trained to give clients early warnings and look for multiple alternatives. Ours use state-of-the-art Web tools for predictive modelling—resulting in smarter, data-backed decisions for your company. And strict policies on quality assurance, records retention, conduct, and data privacy mean reduced risks.