Investment Services

Risk and return go hand-in-hand. They are the two central concepts of investment. And both deserve equal attention. Aon can help you understand return and, importantly, the corresponding and often complex issues of risk.

We provide a complete investment consultancy service that is tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. Our experienced consulting team has a high level of varied expertise, the foresight to respond to new developments before they reach our clients, and the objectivity to challenge convention. We can help you solve your scheme's most complex problems in practical, cost-effective ways that give clear, measurable results.

We have more than 820 investment consulting colleagues around the world, serving over 2500 clients with combined assets worth $3.4 trillion, globally. Our experts have a wealth of real-world experience in actuarial work, investment consulting, fund management, trading, banking, economics, treasury and derivatives. As a result, our strengths, skills and diversity create a powerful combination of ideas, expertise and experience for our clients to draw on.

Investment Planning

Good investment planning starts with a solid governance framework and a well thought-out set of objectives. We can:

  • Advice on governance, risk control, Statements of Investment Principles
  • Advice on process, review and delegation
  • Setting clear financial objectives to drive strategic decisions

Strategic Asset Allocation

The next step is to undertake a robust risk analysis of your fund using modern modelling techniques. We can paint a clear picture of your assets, liabilities and, most importantly, the relationship between them. We use our sophisticated modelling tools to help us analyse clients' schemes, and help you make informed choices about your future investment strategy -- a crucial factor in the financial health of your scheme.

  • Strategic investment advice
  • Asset-liability studies
  • In-depth liability and surplus analysis

Implementation and Monitoring

If they are to deliver the best results, your fund managers need to be in harmony with the specific needs of your scheme. Our global manager research team provides a range of services to help ensure you have the right fund managers in place and that they are meeting their objectives. Using our global network of specialist investment professionals we can assist with:

  • fund manager selection
  • regular monitoring of your financial outcomes

Investment Education

Educational sessions on investment management tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information.